Customer Experience Office official partner of OwenCX with exclusive rights to market All Hands On Deck and other Net Promoter Masterclass courses in Denmark.

Do you lack an effective way of creating more customer orientation in the entire organization?

Customer-oriented companies have more loyal customers, lower expenses, and higher growth. But in many companies, the strategies and initiatives run aground because it simply takes too much organizational energy and time to train all employees and develop a more customer-centric culture in the company.

What if you could buy an effective e-learning solution that can motivate and engage all employees who have customer contact – without affecting daily operations? 

Or an online Net Promoter certification that provides your program managers and specialists with the basic competencies for running your NPS program effectively?

Create a customer-centric mindset for all your employees

All Hands on Deck is an hour’s effective online training of all employees who have customer contact.We create the foundation of your company’s success with customer loyalty by explaining the benefits and clarify the roles of the employees regarding Net Promoter programs. In a series of short and effective training videos of max. 4 minutes each, every employee gets their benefit:

The price depends on the total number of licenses you buy and range between 15 and 75 USD + VAT per employee. It is, e.g. possible to train up to 50 employees for only 3,750 USD + VAT, or up to 100 people for 6,060 USD + VAT.

Try before you buy!

Try 14 days of ‘All Hands on Deck’ online training program for free:

Boost your key employees with the official NPS certification

Ensure your program manager and CX/NPS specialists have the necessary qualifications for running your Net Promoter program effectively with the official NPS certification. The program consists of more than 8 hours of online training spread out in a series of modules, e.g. Strategy, Statistical Modelling, Organization, Business Case, Change Management, and Program management.The course consists of:

You can try out selected lessons of Leadership Toolkit in our 14 day free trial:

Exclusive offer until 09.01.2019

Until September 1st, you can – without any additional costs – get a series of extra services on top of the Net Promoter Master Class Certification program we offer in collaboration with OWEN CX Group. In our experience, this extra support ensures maximal effect for both the participant and the company.

The extra free services are worth more than 1,200 USD pr. Certification,And there is no limit to how many certifications a company will be able to purchase. Every online CX Program Leader certification is only 2,950 USD + VAT– incl. the free services. 

The exclusive package with extra services consists of:

On-site training with free access to the on-line training and tools 

As an alternative, it is also possible to purchase a two-day on-site Net Promoter Masterclass Certification held in London and get a free online access for 6 months.

What is NPS?

NPS or Net Promoter Score is one of the most important tools in successful loyalty strategies because this KPI gives you a strong indication of whether your company creates sufficiently good customer experiences to keep the customers. With the right digital solutions, NPS can also be used tactically to watch customer satisfaction in real time as well as optimize customer orientation and sales because important customer signals are sent directly to customer support, salespeople and digital marketing systems. NPS is developed by Richard Owen in collaboration with Bain & Company, and OwenCX has NPS certificated employees in more than 5,000 companies globally. 

Get a quick, easy and cheap start

The online courses are a fast plug-and-play solution which can be quickly scaled from local pilot tests to international implementation in the entire group. With the online courses, you avoid a prolonged roll-out where you first have a group of employees trained who then gradually will have to teach the remaining employees.

The online courses are effective competency development because the employees themselves can take the courses when it suits their schedule. With the online courses, you avoid having to stop operations from sending whole departments or teams to a training seminar altogether. 

The online courses are a cheap solution because you only pay for the course and certifications you need and later can purchase the same competency development for new employees. The quantity discount for All Hands on Deck is based on your total number of licenses. Meaning that you get the same discount regardless of all licenses are bought at once, or you unroll the project in larger or smaller laps.

Effective online and video-based competency development

Net Promoter Masterclass and All Hands on Deck are state of the art online and video-based competency development with gamification and positive feedback which motivates and engage your employees. Additionally, you are updated on when your employees have completed the courses.

The courses are subtitled in Danish, English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and soon to be in Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish. Beyond that, there are many other languages on the way, and new languages can be added on-demand for free. Thus, they can be used as an effective plug-and-play solution for fast national and international roll-out NPS and customer loyalty strategy.

The online and training courses are developed by OwenCX and are offered in collaboration with the best local experts to ensure that there is a local expert whom you can turn to for advice and if necessary purchase additional relevant consulting services, so that you get the maximal effect of the NPS certifications.CXO oversees the Executive workshop and proffers additionally some special introduction offers which you can read more about above.

Purchase strategic sparring and additional employee training from CXO

Get a strategic clarification with a management workshop from CXO

Get a strategic clarification with a management workshop from CXO

Jesper Krogh Jørgensen is one of Denmark’s most experienced specialists in development and measuring of customer loyalty – including NPS, Net Promoter Systems, Customer Journeys, Service Design and Customer Experience (CX).

We gladly gear the course specifically to your needs

We offer training courses designed for your situation and needs. The courses can consist of seminars and online learning, and they can be supplemented with books as well as participation at seminars and conferences.

As a partner with Danish exclusive right to market OwenCX’s international Net Promoter Masterclass Certification, we offer the best onsite and online NPS training and certification in the world, on favorable terms specifically adapted to Danish companies.

As a basis, we gear the course specifically to the person’s role, approach to NPS project, and relevant tasks. 

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